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About Us

R. JANAS is an established fast food takeaway and diner with branches in Braamfontein and Bank City. Our traditional business model is based on time-proven skills, techniques and recipes secretly passed from one generation to another.

The first branch was opened in Braamfontein in 1997 by Patrick and Amy Ankiah. In addition, the company operated two eateries in popular flea markets and at various venues over the years. The second branch was opened in 2014.

 Patrick and Amy were sustaining a decades-old family legacy of success in the catering business. In fact, R. JANAS was just the culmination of this success in the catering industry. Amy had started out working in the catering business that her parents had operated in Durban since 1970. In 1976, when Amy was just 20 years old she started to take over the catering business and grow it. In 1997, Patrick and Amy Ankiah relocated to Johannesburg because of the relocation of their children and grandchildren.

Hence, R. JANAS was born.

R. JANAS profits primarily by offering excellent food and great service – the R. JANAS magic combination. Food preparation is conducted at the highest possible standards and quality. Food quality is maintained at a high standard because only Patrick and Amy cook at the different branches and they oversee the entire operation.